Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Haikus 20/12/14

Little money left
Pass beside a new bookshop
“Take all my money!”

The winter solstice
Let us all go to newgrange
See the sun shine in

Christmas is coming
Almost all my presents bought
Just one more to go

They grow up so fast
Known them since they were babies
Now they’re all grown up

Limericks 18/12/14

A fellow who I once knew
Would always say “How do you do?”

Then stick out a fist
Of muscle and grist
To shake the life out of poor you

A man of exceptional wealth
Was getting concerned for his health
Said he “The rotting of cash
May lead to a rash
And discomfort around the belt

A husband and bit of a slob
Was always yapping his gob
“Enough” said his wife
As she held up a knife
“Or I’ll shove this right up in your knob”

Haikus 16/12/14

Heavy rains today
Traffic much worse than morning
All aiming for home

Goodbye to Dublin
Deep Scandinavian snow
Proper white Christmas

Was sick on Monday
Missed storytelling event
Five euro wasted

Good food a coming
Probably too rich for me
Who cares? I’ll eat it.

Haikus 11/12/14

Late night partying
Then early morning meeting
Very unpleasant

Santa hat on head
Christmas jumper on display
Best time of the year

Food fun and family
Everybody loves Christmas
Except for turkeys

Cards sent to loved ones
Something special about them
Christmas cheer by post

Haikus 04/12/14

Out there in the sticks
Battlements, schoolchildren in gowns
My God! It’s Hogwarts!

It is cold and wet
They should let me stay in bed
Maybe untill spring

Still dark when I leave
The world is just waking up
Streetlamps bathe dark homes

It is late morning
The tram is completely packed
All Christmas shoppers

Haikus 03/12/14 tomorrow
Should keep the funders happy
They all love outreach

The third hobbit film
To be released Friday week
Millions of fans wait

I like Dublin films
They’re set in places I know
Landmarks of my life

New book that I’m in
Out hopefully by Christmas
Keep watching this space

Haikus 01/12/14

Last month of the year
Time to assess what happened
Were things good for you?

“You dopey bollix!”
Silence descends on the room
Gran’s watching snooker

It’s a very damp day
Not really raining but wet
Where colds are concieved

They interviewed me
Kindly kept out all the bits
That make me creepy

Haikus 28/11/14

Christmas’ first sign
Fun frolics and naff jumpers
The late late toy show

Mom makes tea cosies
Owning one can be quite tough
Fighting urge to wear

Arrive late for work?
Totally not a problem
Just work really late


Suddenly, life changes

Without warning what was once ironclad can become shattered


Cast away from all that is known

Cast to the very edge of life

The edge of sanity

All for the sake of a few seconds

For a brief moment of indecision

Of lapsing judgement

Leading to a lifetime of regret

A lifetime of repercussions

No life at all

Suddenly is all it takes

For a life years in the making

A life lived

Taken for granted

To be gone

Haikus 26/11/14

Less than an month left
But it is still November
Too soon for Christmas

School visits are planned
“No! Science is a great


Lying to the kids.

Foggy winters day
Cold makes it hard to get up
From under warm sheets

Hole in ground for sale
Asking price two million
Selling potential


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