Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Haikus 19/08/14

Doing chemistry
Atoms, molecules, and stuff
Hard on the old head

Students listening
Bravely they try to get it
Before their brains melt

Non-English speakers
With heavy Irish accents

Haikus 09/08/14

Saw Avenue Q
Kind of like Sesame Street
Made by Howard Stern

I can’t continue
Far too much sausage for me
A footlong hot dog

Heaven in a cup
A most wondrous confection
The Reece’s milkshake

You and I: a paradelle

You look at me and smile
You look at me and smile
A toothy cheesy grin
A toothy cheesy grin
Look at a toothy cheesy smile
Me and you grin

I bare my soul
I bare my soul
You open up your heart
You open up your heart
I open up my heart
You bare your soul

Want you in my arms
Want you in my arms
Hold with gentle touch
Hold with gentle touch
Hold in gentle arms
Want you with my touch

You look at me
I want your smile
A cheesy toothy grin
You bare my heart and soul
Open with gentle touch
Hold you in my arms

(Damn you Polly! Damn you!)

Limericks 30/07/14

A bee was buzzing away
For most of the hours of the day
Said he “I’m sure you’ll agree
Being idle is free
But soon with your hunger you’ll pay”

A man was killed with a knife
And suspicions pointed to his wife
She paid a large fee
Her lawyer got her free
Now she’s off living the good life

Haikus 16/07/14

I need a new home
Offers, rejections, lost hope
Enough to lose mind

Ultrasonic squeaks
Of winged rodents in the air
Bats are out hunting

Referencing papers
Years of work into sub-script
Felonious work

Haikus 03/07/14

The grey sea gurgles
Heaving with slight summer waves
As the train goes by

Poorly chosen words
Picked by non-native speakers
Culled by harsh red ink

A new home is sought
Many places are looked at
Most are found wanting

Haikus 30/06/14

The tram line rumbles
Baring eager commuters
All on their way home

Making many plans
So many ideas to try
Maybe take a chance

War, hunger, disease
The world can be very scary
But now the sun shines

Haikus 19/06/14

Fancy finger foods
Feeding famished grad students
Fine philanthropy

Looking for business?
The call of the street-walker
Out plying her trade

I love summer nights
Days that go on for even
Please stay for ever

Prayers in Absence

For those who pray and judge
Those who cry devotion and live in luxury
Those who step from chapel to mansion
Unheeding the man huddled in the alleyway
Remember this
That words alone mean nothing
That the carpenter called for words and works
For deeds as well as devotions
Without one the other is shallow
Devoid of all meaning
Empty words and acts
Senseless and pointless
Since how can you tell a follower
By what he says?
Or what he does?

Haikus 17/06/14

Many Dubliners
Walk in Leopold’s footsteps
A happy Bloomsday

It’s too hot to work
With no airconditioning
Let’s just go outside

Blue skies in Dublin
Where only greys once held sway
Makes a welcome change


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