Poetry from a Dublin Scientist


I find
Standing amongst the leaf litter
Abandoned to the elements
A window
Not just a sheet of glass
But the frame and all
As if it had been ripped unceremoniously from the wall of some house
So I imagine that
A home ruined
Cold Autumn winds unobstructed
Old lady left in fear
In the Aftermath of the crime
All for this?
Not cool at all


Image copyright Lyssa Medana
Written for The Light And Shade Challenge of Friday 19th September 2014.


I like to think I’m objective
Fully rational
But I know I’m not
I see the world through the blinkers of my life
My history
Through what I know
Or think I know
Beliefs and wishes
Buttressed by those around me
Colour all that I see
And how I think about it afterwards
Memories awash with half-truths and fictions
Yet I find myself defending my little world
Each bias a sacred totem
Every fiction an essential crutch
I am prepared to defend them with words
And in extremis fists
But they are not truth
Possibly a faint glimmer of it
Simple tidbits swinging into view
That make’s me cling to it all the more
And if you think that I am alone in this
That you hold absolute truth and crystal vision
Look into yourself
Past the eyes, past the retina
Deep into your soul
There you will find
You own biases
Staring right back at you

Haikus 050914

Drinking and dancing
All sorts of merry making
The weekend is here

So many stories
All cooped-up inside my head
Need to set them free

New students coming
Could be smart, efficient guys
Or just complete dolts

Haikus 28/08/14

The wondrous joys
Of online competitions
Go give it a go

To live and to love
There is no choice between them
Love makes life worth it

Now coming home late
Not bothered to cook dinner
The chipper’s tempting

Haikus 19/08/14

Doing chemistry
Atoms, molecules, and stuff
Hard on the old head

Students listening
Bravely they try to get it
Before their brains melt

Non-English speakers
With heavy Irish accents

Haikus 09/08/14

Saw Avenue Q
Kind of like Sesame Street
Made by Howard Stern

I can’t continue
Far too much sausage for me
A footlong hot dog

Heaven in a cup
A most wondrous confection
The Reece’s milkshake

You and I: a paradelle

You look at me and smile
You look at me and smile
A toothy cheesy grin
A toothy cheesy grin
Look at a toothy cheesy smile
Me and you grin

I bare my soul
I bare my soul
You open up your heart
You open up your heart
I open up my heart
You bare your soul

Want you in my arms
Want you in my arms
Hold with gentle touch
Hold with gentle touch
Hold in gentle arms
Want you with my touch

You look at me
I want your smile
A cheesy toothy grin
You bare my heart and soul
Open with gentle touch
Hold you in my arms

(Damn you Polly! Damn you!)

Limericks 30/07/14

A bee was buzzing away
For most of the hours of the day
Said he “I’m sure you’ll agree
Being idle is free
But soon with your hunger you’ll pay”

A man was killed with a knife
And suspicions pointed to his wife
She paid a large fee
Her lawyer got her free
Now she’s off living the good life

Haikus 16/07/14

I need a new home
Offers, rejections, lost hope
Enough to lose mind

Ultrasonic squeaks
Of winged rodents in the air
Bats are out hunting

Referencing papers
Years of work into sub-script
Felonious work

Haikus 03/07/14

The grey sea gurgles
Heaving with slight summer waves
As the train goes by

Poorly chosen words
Picked by non-native speakers
Culled by harsh red ink

A new home is sought
Many places are looked at
Most are found wanting


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