Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Winter Sun

It feels like a lie

A horrific deceit

Warming yellow light in the window

But when one leaves

Goes out into that same sun

One finds only cold

A chill, brought on the wind

Jacket, coat, scarf

All required, no exceptions

But still one see the brightness of the sun

Feels its warmth on skin

Warmth quickly lost to the wind

Stolen in its ephemeral clutches

Leaving no choice

No matter who gloriously bright it is

To wrap up warm

And return to the warmth of hearth and home

Cast Off

Cast off with me my love

Leave your life behind

Let us sail the oceans of possibility

Where anything can happen

And only our imaginations can constrain us

Cast away your preconceptions

Your doubts

And your heavy heart

Think only of the future

Think of what we can be

The wondrous things we can do

If we cast off

And start a new life


Haikus 23/10/14

Try novel technique

Last stab at an old problem

Maybe it will work


Absolutely rank

What a horrible odour

Ammonia gas


Puppies climbing stairs

It’s so maddeningly cute

I just have to share

Beat Poet

The beat poet rises

To the front of the crowd

Rhyme bubbling in his belly

Verse crying to get out

He opens his mouth

Words comes in rhythmic pulses

Linked in perfect synchrony

A beat of verse

So catchy his whole body moves to each word

Moving with each beat in the verse

Across the audience

Others join him

Moving heads, tapping feet

As one, in time with the words

Dancing to the music of the beat poet

Serpent: A Pleiades

Snake hunting in the grass
Slivery glint in its eye
Scales of metallic black
Slipping past jagged blades
Sticking out its forked tongue
Sensing when it is close
Set to strike at its prey

Haikus 13/10/14

Budget tomorrow
Let us see if things will change
Or just stay the same

Story telling man
Cloaked in warm dark-green cotton
Really looks the part

Elephant babies
Two little boys and a girl
Tiny trunks entwined

On the Liffey’s banks
Underneath a bright blue sky
Watching boats go by

Haikus 11/10/14

Liam Neeson rules
You piss off Liam Neeson
You soon regret it

Online writing comps
Never what I  mostly would write
Love a good challenge

Cleaning apartment
Using nice new spray products
Place smells of citrus


Who are we?
Mere huddled masses
Bereft of power
Unseen by law
And the cruel march of nations
Except as fodder
For their own self-centred needs
Anonymous save for a number
Simply for administrative purposes

Consent, democratic traditions
Passed over by the bogeymen
Of legal force and the ‘Greater Good’
What that means never quite clear
A hard deal for many
Bonanzas for a few
All in the name of ‘fairness’
Not sure of that one either

But power often forgets
That its strength comes from acceptance
Either freely given or coerced
It is still essential
Without it power fails, law becomes useless

There may be sacrifices down this route
Deprivations and incarcerations
Possibly blood and tears
But with enough voices
Calling the name of the reviled captain
Victory can be ours

Haikus 07/10/14

New water charges
Many say that they won’t pay
Conflict is coming

I’ve a brand-new cloak
Hooded, in the medieval style
Great for my stories

Only one month left
Until my love is back here
I can hardly wait

Haikus 29/09/14

Sudden Autumn showers
Bringing soaking deluges
Leaves everyone soaked

Date with a dentist
I’m not a fan of the drill
Will regret soft drinks

Submission jitters
Colleague close to handing in
Best to stand well clear


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