To voters

by joetwo

Seldom though we search so long

We find a man who’s never wrong

A man who really takes the goat

Ones who wears a teflon coat

A man who it is plain to see

Runs rings around the likes of me

Regardless of the lie or crime

Those who vote don’t see the grime.

Elect them in more times the not

So he can act the little snot.

But can we blame the man you see

Who takes the opportunity

I’d rather blame the sullen fool

Deluded ones who think it’s cool

To see the villain as a hero

To make a saint from moral zero

And when this crook is in the dock

To give another voting stock

And find themselves back at square one

fleeced untill they are done

The lessons clear, don’t blame the top

Blame those who vote yet don’t say stop.