Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: November, 2011


Nine and nine

The verses stand

Proud in line

Looking grand

From my mind

A heart made gift

Of the kind

Your soul to lift

This tome now holds

Five times score

What next unfolds?

How many more?


All life is change

From our first breath to our last we are on a journey of alteration

An eternal evolution of the physical and mental self

Each thought, each action, each moment effects and changes who we are

Each hurt hardens the shell that protects us

Each act of love softens the heart

They are not mutually exclusive however

It is the sum of all we have done, what we have seen that makes us who we are

The mad complexity of life forges each of us as unique one-off pieces

Never to be repeated

And constantly tinkered with by the hammer of hurt, the flame of love

Until its culmination

The final unveiling of a finished life.

Do not mourn me

 Do not mourn me when I’m gone

For I have had time enough on this Earth.

More than enough, loves and losses

Playing fates game for more years than I can remember.


Unlike the young I see life more for what it is

The cynicism of youth chipped away by the knife of experience

Not rose-tinted, I have seen too much for that

But rather solemn acceptance of what life is.


Through my long years, I have lost many friends, family, lovers

Yet know that my life has been better for their time with me

All life is impermanent, passing like leaves in the wind

I earned this truth through payment of many decades.


Do not mourn me when I am gone

For gain and loss go hand in hand

That is the way of the world, how it should be

And I have gained much through knowing you.


Why am I here?

At your door at three in the morning

The cold and rain beating down on my head

Just so that I can say what I must


Why do you wear that perfume?

A scent so alluring that my whole body craves to breath it in

That lingers for hours after you have gone

An unsubtle ghost reminding me what I am missing.


Why do your eyes look at me so?

The deep brown windows into you soul

That tear open mine

That makes my heart skip a beat at every glance.


Why do you not love me?

All my life is shadowed by your rejection

Each thought of you brings pain

Yet I cannot get you from my mind.


Why do I love you?

You have given me nothing but grief

The pain of rejection a constant ache on my heart

But I cannot help it

To love you is all I know

There is no other in my life but you.



The mountain stands tall before me on the ground

Yet from the summit of its neighbour, its grandeur seems diminished

From the South, its flanks are alive with greenery

From North, a barren wilderness of scree and bare rock

In winter it is blinding white with virgin snow

Summer fades with the grey-beige of granite

Over the ages it is at time lifted by the tectonic heave of the earth

Or ravaged by the forces of erosion

The mountain can be seen from an infinity of eyes, each with their own view

All correct

But each failing to grasp the mountains multi-dimensional reality.


Strong of frame

Hard of head

He had small fame

No bad word said.


To all he knew

He was a friend

 Their love, it grew

When near his end


Sometimes in life

Though fate deals blows

In deepest strife

Our love still grows



The crescent moon hangs majestically in the sky

A thin arc of pale white light that still manages to outshine all but the brightest stars

But that is not all

There is more visible

The arc envelops a circle of deep dark

Flecked with red, the pale ghost-like Earthlight

Its presence adds substance to the moonlight

A constant reminder of the physical facts of the cosmos

That above our heads is a whole world

As solid and as real as the very ground below our feet.

Hidden gems

The city spreads into the distance

Dirty, cold and anonymous

Blatantly ignoring the trials of those living in it

You can walk for hours with nothing but soul-crushing monotony

Street after street sapping what joy in live you can possess

But then

You turn a corner and find a haven from oppression

A park, a gallery, a bar filled with laughter

Protected from sameness they thrive

Promoting diversity, life under the heart of the beast

A collection of hidden gems

Free for all who know where to look


Do not count me out

If my size is less than yours

Best to consider quality rather than quantity

My diminutive size belies a deep well of fiery passion

My small body a hidden bastion of strength

For my stature has taken on the world its whole life

Constant battle to just live has left me strong of jaw and fast of fist

Sure I am small

But I am still here

Come get me if you dare



Isolated in a crowd

Seeing but not looking

Listening but not hearing

Acting but not taking part

Because everything is the same

They all have the same dull monotony

Each face, every voice, all deeds

All not worth noting

All I see are what they are not


Since the day you left