That night

by joetwo

It was a night to remember

As I went to the floor

It was middle November

A night fit for lore

The music was thumping

We entered a trance

Someone’s arm began pumping

We all started to dance

I grabbed your one near me

She looked half in shock

My eyes were all leery

Hands on her frock

We got ever so closer

The music got slow

Did we hold back? Oh no sir!

We put on a show

We grabbed one another

Each holding on tight

Half thought I would smother

But the feeling was right

Then the music, it ended

The lights were on bright

She went and upended

Ran from my sight

No name, no number

This left me confused

Ego in a tumbler

I felt, I’d been used

I felt bad for a while

So lost and alone

When some words and a smile

Appeared on my phone

See my friends had been busy

That fateful night

They found her name, Lizzy

And number, alright!

So, acting the cupid

Advice they did bring

Told her it’d be stupid

To not give me a ring

She said that we liked me

That night she was scared

And the future seemed to me

Better than I dared

Ten years, two kids later

Each year, without fail

We always remember

To tell all this tale