Sit with me

by joetwo

Sit with me a while

Talk of life and love

Of times gone past

Of plans cast asunder.

Speak of the future we had planned

Of the perfect life we had in store

The wonderful house

The beautiful garden

The children that would make it a home.

Lets not mention the fight

The offer of a job

How it was only going to be short-term

Just to get the money

A thousand miles, no distance in the Jet-Age.

Shall we talk of the hurt of distance?

How even the strongest love fades in absence?

How co-workers, barmaids took on a new-found attraction?

How easy it was in the end to move on?

Sit with me a while

Talk of times old and new

Of how the magical future we had planned

Was was torn down by the true magic of real life.