Do not mourn me

by joetwo

 Do not mourn me when I’m gone

For I have had time enough on this Earth.

More than enough, loves and losses

Playing fates game for more years than I can remember.


Unlike the young I see life more for what it is

The cynicism of youth chipped away by the knife of experience

Not rose-tinted, I have seen too much for that

But rather solemn acceptance of what life is.


Through my long years, I have lost many friends, family, lovers

Yet know that my life has been better for their time with me

All life is impermanent, passing like leaves in the wind

I earned this truth through payment of many decades.


Do not mourn me when I am gone

For gain and loss go hand in hand

That is the way of the world, how it should be

And I have gained much through knowing you.