by joetwo

Some say that they may be able to forgive me

If I am able to show remorse

But why should I?

I did nothing wrong

I was a soldier, following orders

It was war, terrible things happen in war

If they were in the our position they would have done the exact same thing

I was only defending my family and my country

But my dreams tell a different story

Each night my newborn children are laid down in front of slowly moving tanks

My nephews are herded into fallow fields, their small feet the perfect size for the mines

My parents and grandparents lead into dark tunnels

Awaiting the blast from the charges

My brothers are shot from behind

And my sisters are violated as one final insult

Though I may deny my guilt

My dreams are filled with remorse

My soul cries for forgiveness

I would like to acknowledge the inspiration for this poem in the works of Scriptor Obscura, to be found here Check it out.