Not welcome

by joetwo

Why do you insist on coming here?

We say all are welcome, but we don’t really mean that

This place is for a select few, our kind of people

Others don’t belong, your kind especially

You are so out-of-place here, can’t you see?

This is a sanctum, a place were we can go an forget our troubles

But with you there, we can’t do that, can we?

Next to you. our troubles feel small

Hobbled, on your last legs, you mar the delicate vista we prepared for ourselves

Our quick stares are filled with judgement,

We ask, what you did to deserved such a life?

As if that absolves us

But we know it doesn’t

You’re not welcome here

Because you have breached our happy lives

With a reminder, one we don’t care for

That for all our power, for all our wealth

We do nothing, nothing that really matters

You are our shame

And you are not welcome.