Not like the movies

by joetwo

Life is not like the Movies I find

Sometimes good doesn’t win

Evil seldom dresses in black

The fight is seldom fair

The cause rarely just


Life is rarely like the movies

There is no soundtrack to warn me

No formulae that events follow

No check list of colourful characters I need to complete

Things rarely work out in the end


I wish life could be like the movies

I wish that true love would be clear with a single look

That, events, friends, the hands of the great script writer

Would conspire to keep young lovers together

That after that first kiss, the future is as perfect as the leading ladies hair


 But life is not like the movies

Life is real

There is no cut scenes, no jumps in plot

The story goes at the same pace regardless of the interest of the audience

No secret lighting or camera angles to hide that which you don’t want seen


Life is not like the movies

Because that is how it is meant to be

The world is more, beautiful, insane and complex than anything ever put on celluloid

And you get it for free

Front row seats in the premiere of your life.