Old and New

by joetwo

The old year is gone

Take from it what you will

Take the fun, the joy

The love you felt, the people you loved

The lessons learned, the prizes won

The new ventures brimming in hope


The old year is gone

Leave behind what you must

Forget the troubles, the fights

The bad times are gone, the slate swept clean

Time forgives debts,  forgets wrongs

Put behind the past, for the future lies ahead


A new year is born

Full of hope, full of potential

New schemes, new lives, waiting to come to fruition

New loves, new beginnings, the possibility of the unknown

What new delights can just be around the corner?

What familiar constant will take on new meaning?


The old year is gone

And a new year is born

The currents of time flow as strongly as ever

Each of us just flotsam in its turbulent flow

It is unpredictable, mysterious, never boring

Think of the wonders it has in store for the year to come.