by joetwo

Have I told you lately

That you’re getting fat?

I despise you immensely, when you chew food like that

 I’m leaving tomorrow, I’m taking the cat

Pure and simple, I want a divorce.


Have I made it quite clear

That I want you dead?

Each second beside you, my blood boils bright-red

You have no redemption, your family’s inbred

If you stop me, I may have to use force.


Have you gotten the message

Our marriage is through?

After two decades, I’m plain sick of you

I have a  new lover, just turned twenty two

There’s no arguing, this is my will.


Have I gotten what letter?

That you froze my account

They took back my car, my bills they did mount

My new lover’s left me, I’ve just pennies to count

Take me back, winter’s starting to chill.