by joetwo

She comes in the night

I do not know her name

But I know her, all too well

She is stunning, I undress her with my eyes

It isn’t too difficult as she is wearing very little

She strips and throws me on the bed

I rise to meet her, it is frantic, like there is no time to lose

Kissing, touching, exploring each other’s inner spaces

I am inside her, each movement sends paroxysms of ecstasy through my body

There is silence, save for barely audible moans

And something sounding obscenely wet

Things start to build up, getting faster and faster

Then, Then

I’m awake, alone in my bed

Lying in a pool of cold sweat

And something else

It was all a dream, a most remarkable dream

I check the clock, too early to get up

There is nothing else for it

But to try to return to sleep

In the hope I will get a return visit

From her, my muse, my goddess

The woman of my dreams