To You

by joetwo

To you I write these words

If you will get them or not is of no real import

But I would rather you did

For this is my chance to say what I have not yet said

That you mean the world to me

That what I am, all I have done, was in homage to you

I know that may come as a shock

That you have sometimes disapproved of my actions

But still you were the inspiration

Not to impress, or otherwise win over

I don’t think you in any way so fickle

But rather as a statement, of what I am and how you define me

To you I gave this testament

That you chose to reject it was your own prerogative

My disappointment won’t change that

How you live your life is up to you

With or without me

You chose without

To you I pledge my life

What I do now may well be my last act

I complete it yet still die, I will not consider it a waste

This is what I have been working for

The final piece of the puzzle

The completion of my dedication to you

I hope you will find it in your heart to look at it favourably

But you haven’t before

I can give nothing more, this is the last of it

To you I’ve given it all

 Why did I give it in vain?