Good sport

by joetwo

“Be a good sport!” the head coach once said

A thoughtful man, now many years dead

“To be fair is a virtue!” he did implore

Then walked his large frame through the dressing room door

We tried ascertaining what else he did mean

But could think of nothing except the obscene

See he often had the most shocking insights

That kept us all awake many nights

This seemed damn well normal, no reason to pause

It was only the next day that we found out the cause

Principal Walker called out the whole school

We expected a lecture on another strange rule

But instead what we said, kept our eyes open wide

Up there, the head coach, with a guard at each side

It turned out the head coach fixed many a game

But then turned himself in, so great was the shame

He betrayed us, he mumbled, his voice all down low

Just to get hands on a little more dough

He was so deeply sorry, was now on the brink

And looking at a couple of years in the clink

His best lesson, was that one, his last

And I’ve kept it closely through many years past

Through dealing with others it’s best to stay true

As the person you’ll have to live with, is you.