Let it be

by joetwo

When I look at the TV

And I see famine and starvation

I say “Let it be”

It is a whole world away

Mile and miles from me and my problems.


When I read the paper

With east and west throwing insults

I say “Let it be”

War will never come to us

Safe as we are in the middle.


When I walk the street

And I see protests and beggers

I say “let it be”

I am doing ok

To rock the boat now will cost me something.


When I look out my window

And the sky turns black with smog

I say “Let it be”

The problems are too much for anyone to deal with

The world will heal itself in the end.


When I open my door

And all the demons of the world are there to greet me

All I can say is “Let it be”

For that is all I said before

When I should have said more.