by joetwo

I had much to gain and nought to lose

So I tried to quit my old demon booze

No more would I frequent our local pubs

 Or come out at all hours from dingy nightclubs

To be clean and sober, that was my goal

Unquestionably good for life, on the whole.


My folks were supportive they all said “Fair play.

When you are not rat-arsed, it is a good day.”

My friend on the other, had thought I’d gone mad

“Why go off the drink? There’s such fun to be had!”

Two forces conflicting, at war for my will

To try to convince, to stay good, or do ill.


From these extortions, just had to flee

I simply could not stand them pestering me

At home, when out walking, even at my job

What one side said, the other would fob


So on a dark night, I made my escape

To a small buddist temple out by the cape

To sit contemplating the rose garden’s smell

I have to admit, it was boring as hell


So back to the city, I found to my shock

Places with no drinking that totally rock

Their mouths free from drinking they talk quite a bit

I found it quite difficult following it


In the end I relented, I just couldn’t cut it

Walking by an off-licence, I said to myself “Fuck it!”

But booze was, I knew, not enough for my ills

So I went to the corner and bought some nice pills


Many years later, in my drug filled haze

Nobody visits for days upon days

Neither drink nor abstention could give peace and quiet

And if you don’t approve I tell you this “Try it!”