by joetwo

I thought it was again the time

To make myself another rhyme

Another chance to celebrate

All the blogs I think are great

So please make sure to click the links

You’re bound to like them all methinks

First of all this one’s quite zany

The wondrous Misfits Miscellany

Sharp words that bring us bang to rights

Comes with talented Scriptor Writes

Such smut to make you say “Sweet Damn!”

Daily posts from Holly Anne

You’ll soon be back, must say I’ve missed Ya

Good friend and poet the excellent Tricia 

New gold each day, I love to show it

Good writing from the Naughty Poet

A chore to read? I think it not

The sweet and charming Lauren Scott

Diverse work across the field

The wide ranging Anne Schilde

 Competitions to give a go

Are in Ermilia’s blog you know

These are my faves I like the best so what next I do

I pass to all of you my best and say to all. Thank You