Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: June, 2012


Twittering twits

Tweeting through the day and night

Telling what they had for lunch

Simply no end in sight.


Facebook fools

Insist on posting every photograph

Why would employers want to know

That dogs doing it makes you laugh.


Blogging bores

So quick to post a rant

But if you dare to criticise

You’re out lest you recant.

Here There be Monsters

They said that “Here there be monsters”

Though no one had ever seen them

No one alive that is

Bars were filled with stories of those who seen them

All met a grisly end

How their story made it out is never really tackled

Only that it did

And that you should never go there

Because “Here there be monsters”

Avoid the monsters and all will be fine

Avoid the monsters and you will be safe

Avoid the monsters and you will go nowhere new

Avoid the monsters and you will never see the world

To avoid the monsters forever means the cage lasts forever

A cage of the unknown, a cage of our fears

Break through the cage and set yourself free.

Powdered happiness

It started slow

Dose by dose, spoonful by spoonful

Little aliquots of powdered happiness

Available to all, for a price


Reaching nirvana is simplicity itself

No meditation or soul mate required

A jab to the vein, breath in through the nose

Will bring you straight, no go back, no detours


Dangerous are the economics of the game

Inflationary pressures on the powder means more over time

Prices getting higher, on the body, on the pocket, on the soul

A price that eventually gets too high


It always starts slow

Those little doses of happiness

But evermore does it grow

The eternal cost of a quick-fit route to oblivion.


Little did I know

That that was how it was going to turn out

That was going to be the end

Of you and me, no more us

If I knew I was bound to say something else

Something with more gravitas

A statement, a symbol of our end

But in the end I said what I said

I said “goodbye, farewell”

When I should have said “Stay”

So Close

Eyes filled with joy

Looking, wanting

So close yet so out of reach

Mere inches from fingers

Almost as if one last push, one extra reach can do it

Yet it is never enough

And the body contorted into pain

The mind driven to exasperation

Ignoring the pain, all else around it

By the tantalising image

The wondrous possibility

Of what is so close, yet never in reach.

Last night

Empty bottle of scotch by my side

The room has a horrible smell

My head is a mess

I’m wearing a dress

Last night must have gone well


There’s no way to think through this haze

My head is unbearably thumping

My arm is quite sore

Where there was none before

Now’s a tattoo of kangaroos jumping


Though a try to remember I can’t

My memory’s a complete blank

Just shot after shot

A grown man in a cot

And plans to rob a large bank


What money I had is all gone

My stomach is going through hell

More flashbacks unfurl

How old was that Girl?

Last night must have gone well.

Guard your freedoms

Yearning for freedom, yearning till death

Demanding it always up to the last breath

Captives souls aching, calling just “out”

Wanting just only go walk about

Such simple actions, barely given a thought

But when they are taken, hurts more than it ought

So guard all your freedoms, protect them with care

Because you’re sure to miss them when they aren’t there.

Limericks 17/06/12

The rain fell down

Upon the old town

And the water started to rise

They said it’s okay

But if you give it a day

The water’d be up to our eyes


A croc in the zoo

Didn’t know what to do

It so wanted to eat a small boy

Said he “Just let me out

To wander about

And no more will those children annoy”

Happy fathers day

To the old man

The pappy, the big cheese

The chairman of the board, the general

The auld fella, the Da

The pa, the father

The sire, him back home

That old bollix, old grouchy himself

The lord of the house, the extension of the couch

Friday Haikus

Cast off ancient mores

Explore currents in life’s stream

Live your life anew


Rain falls in short bursts

Quickly soaking to the skin

Much longer to dry


Staring at the screen

Not knowing what to type next

Will think of something