The Thief

by joetwo

I looked with glee one day to lunch

To some delightful treats to munch

A chocolate biscuit creamy cake

Which took my near three hours to bake

I thought about the treat with joy

And knew this sweet I would enjoy

But low, I found when mid day struck

Someone my vaunted cake had took

What more these wretched lowlife bums

Had left the plate, covered in crumbs

I vowed that vengeance would be mine

That I would get the little swine

I sent a memo, made to all

That upon this thief my wrath would fall

Unless the fiend confessed tout sweet

And bought for me another treat

Yet no offenders came on up

So I started hunting down the pup

Checked the desks all round me

Viewed the morning CC TV

Alas, no solid lead came out

At which point I left a blood-rage shout

“You think you’ve got the best of me?

This is not done, oh you shall see!”

I spent the afternoon in thought

About the lowlife perp I sought

When time to leave I spied a note

From the intern Jane, a little dote

She said “I would thank you for today

Being nice on my birthday

And allowing one and all to take

A piece each of your lovely cake!”

With that my memory came clear

That I agreed the little dear

Could take herself a little slice

Of the cake that looked so nice

And with that I could not say no

To other who wanted a go

So when I left it, most was gone

And feasting did continue on

So in the end I came to see

The punk who took the cake, was me.