Until They Came

by joetwo

We were at peace

We had plenty

We had riches

We were happy

Until they came


Our girls were still girls

Our boys were still here

People stood tall

We had nothing to fear

Until they came


We did not know war

Or machine gun’s loud shout

No bombs fell upon

Our crumbling redoubt

Until they came


We were so many more

And our eyes did not glare

 To unsee what was glimpsed

The thousand yard stare

Until they came


We never did starve

Or turn on our friends

And try to survive

By whatever ends

Until they came


We never knew rage

How bad we could get

 Unleashed our revenge

We aren’t done yet

Until they come


We slaughtered them all

Then brought it to them

We became what they were

Too much blood lust to stem

Because they came