Pint sitting

by joetwo

Trustworthy, dependable
That is why I was chosen
To guard the drink
The golden, effervescent pint
While its owner
The master of its fate
Went away
On some important errand
Cold in my hand
Condensation dripping on my skin
The devil in my head whispers
“How tasty that must be
How easy just to take a sip”
But I do not
For I am pint-sitting
A sacred duty
One I cannot break
Even though the glass is heavy
And feels so cool on my skin
“He did not take a photo”
The devil hints seductively
“He’d never know. Just one sip”
But I ignore it
I am better than that
Stronger than that
I will persevere
Get through this
My honour intact
I will! I will! I …..
Oh when will he be back?