by joetwo

Late in the evening
Or early in the morning
Depending on your mood
The month’s worth of alcohol has already done its work
Brain cells and inhibitions
Washed away with equal abandon
Those formerly shy
Once refusing at the suggestion
Stride up to the little box, tap in a few buttons
And wait the faux synth tune
There are all kinds in the lineup
From the classics like Sinatra and Jones
Sung by Dad and the uncles
To a bit of Britney Spears
Sung by Suzy, only nine
The first time she was allowed up
Cousin Dave, the metal-head
Shouts out some Megadeth
Everyone else just smiles and nods
Auntie Mavis sings The Doors
The last time she did she was seeing them live, in a field
The tattoo just visible through her dress
She got that there too, she has a story to tell
It ends with a duet
Cousins Larry and Phil, Endless Love
It’s their party piece
Has the granny in stitches
And then the box is gone
And with it the fun
The guests start to leave
Humming their individual tunes
Saying goodbye
Until next time