Ig Nobel Haikus

by joetwo

Look at Eiffel tower

Lean slightly to the left please

Makes it look smaller


Old guns and bullets

Made into sparkling gem stones

Far more valuable


Try the SpeechJammer

Hear yourself with a delay

Know what others hear


All that equipment

So big and expensive

Makes Zombie salmon


Chemistry puzzle

Not energy or cancer

But why’s your hair green


Here is the report

On reports about reports

Write reports on it


Subtle interplay

Of tension and gravity

Makes a ponytail


Careful with that cup

Because forces of physics

Will make coffee spill


Who is that chimp there?

Can know easily with face

Also with their bum


In goes camera

Take these simple precautions

To prevent a bang


Written in honour of the 2012 ignoble prizes listed here.Β I only read them today. Gotta love them!