An ode to Under Siege

by joetwo

With all the warships, new and hip

Who wants to crew a battleship

Old and rusty, fading fire

On its way home to retire

Who’d have thought this ship

That Tommy Lee will take a dip

At playing villains, stealing nukes

Shootings those who lifts their dukes

Things then start to get unreal

 With Casey Ryberg, former SEAL

Seagal moves with much style and grace

Such raw emotion on his face

If that’s not enough to make you shout

A playmate then gets her baps out

Oh what a movie, what a show

Old Steve he beats them too and fro

And though their swear are unrepeatable

Seagal is simply undefeatable

The movie ends in a scene so grand

With Steve and Tommy, hand to hand

Needless to say it’s over fast

Such class as this too good to last

If you want your brain turned glue

Under Siege, the film for you