by joetwo


Strong enamel, pearly white

I thought my teeth were all alright

Alas dentist did disagree

Saw our villain, cavity

This fiend, agent of tooth decay

Gnawing my poor teeth away

You don’t floss enough,  or brush as well

And so your mouth will go to hell

But fear not Joe, I know a way

For dentistry to save the day

I told him I’d pay any price

To keep my chompers clean and nice

So with numb mouth I heard a drill

And then the hole the doc did fill

With mix of mercury and gold

At least that is what I’ve been told

My molars are all tough again

No longer am I in pain

I keep them I brush them now three times a day

To keep the fiend decay at bay

So see the dentist every year

To not may cost your mouth quite dear