The Common Man

by joetwo

The common man wears a tailored suit
That he complements with a cloth cap
Or mud stained wellies
Combover neat, but not too neat
Enough out to be visible
To show he gets bald too
Like the rest of us
Shoes shined like a schoolboy
Tie with the logo of the GAA team
Made of the finest silk,  custom order
The common man spares no expense or effort
To be like you and me
No trappings of power are allowed shine
Instead, hidden from view
The money, the influence
And above all, the stench of corruption
No stroke too great
No peddling of favour to obtuse
All in place for the common man
“Sure! Isn’t he only taking back what’s ours?”
And that, is the greatest tragedy of all
The common man is us and we him