An Ode to Mars Attacks

by joetwo

A film loaded with cameoed stars

About invaders straight from Mars

Who came in ships with retro feel

To kill and maim, destroy and steal

To generally run amok

Tim Burton’s brand of Cry havoc

The film begins with cows on fire

The tone from then does not go higher

Jack Nicholson gets two separate roles

Both end up dead as the film unfolds

The President, Man with hotel

The sleazier? It’s hard to tell

 Annette Bening a Hippy wife

To tries to flee from all the strife

With aid of crooner ace Tom Jones

Who ends the film with Dulce tones

Though it must be said he lost the class

To Danny DeVito shaking his ass

In the end the foe was beaten by

Their gloopy brain contents did fly

Undone by what we think so wrong

A crooning country music song

A lesson that things you may hate

May be there to guard by fate