The Phantom Professor

by joetwo

Has he gone missing?

Or hiding somewhere?

I need some assistance

With this question right there

Where can I find him?

I need help for my brain

But our Phantom Professor

Has gone once again


We’ve got us a ninja

In our faculty

Where does he go running?

No one can see

No matter the question

Or urgent request

We can’t find the fucker

Though we try our best


I asked an old Post-doc

He told me the trick

How to rope this enigma

When the shit is most thick

It’s a simple procedure

You can try it too

To catch the old codger

Here is what you do


Just sit on a big chair

In the office to rear

Say how you’re not working

The whole day and fear

The bosses arrival

Then sure enough

He’ll pop out from limbo

Grab you by the scruff


These phantom professors

Though they drive us mad

You’ll have to admit

They’re not all that bad

There is just one thing

That is not quite fair

The phantom appears

When you don’t want him there