An ode to Bloodsport

by joetwo

A martial arts bloodbath

All covered in glam

The Muscles from Brussels

Jean-Claude Van Damme

The “plot” is quite simple

Our soldier Frank

All sinew and muscle

Built like a tank

Taught how to fight

By a Japanese master

Loaded with skills

Stronger and faster

Gathered with fighters

From around the world

Old Frankie went AWOL

When the fighting unfurled

He headed to Hong Kong

To fight in a ring

While federal agents

Tried to set up a sting

With his friend big Ray Jackson

And the sexy Leah Ayres

Fight after fight

While synth music blares

When Ray Jackson is smashed

Frankie vows to get even

Cue more extreme nude shots

Then you’d be believe’n

In the end our man Dux

Won the kumite

Though he was half blind

He still saw the way

Bloody and macho

It wasn’t cut short

A wonderful movie

Van Damme in Bloodsport