by joetwo

Isolated, seemingly in seats of power

Behind screens of electronic anonymity

Unable to see the damage

Or not caring

Laying rip with what they think are thrusts of rapier wit

But in reality are just petty

The small concerns of tiny minds

Yet sadly enough

More than some can take

Made to feel worthless, ugly

Though they are anything but

Attempted defence, pleas to stop

Only bring more hurt, like a red rag to a bull

Ceaseless, reaching through the ether

To every place of solitude, no escape

Except for one, the rope, the knife

Boundless possibility wiped out in a moment of despair

While up in their mountain, protected, unseeing

They revel in their power

At what their words have achieved

The truest mark of the coward


Dedicated to the memory of Erin Gallagher and all of the other young people who have committed suicide due to cyber bullying. Never again.