Safety first

by joetwo

If spilled, run

Don’t look back; it will be unpleasant


Explosive reaction testing has not been reported

The labs that do them aren’t there anymore


Highly corrosive to all organic or inorganic materials

Gloves optional


Impact sensitive

Reduce base volume on music player when handling

Trance, hip-hop, or techno music should be avoided


Toxic fumes released

Do not store, handle or use in a confined place

Wait for good weather, use roof


Highly pungent aroma

To be used in the absence of sensitive individual

Or in proximity to a fast food restaurant


Hallucinogenic in aerosol

If exposed remove contaminated clothes

Making sure to brush off all the spiders


Highly radioactive

If spilled, sweep up using brush and pan

If unsure of complete clean-up, turn off lights and look for glow


Toxicological information

LD50 15mg/kilo (mouse)

Pretty good high 4mg/kilo (undergrad)


Flammable gases liberated

No smoking, it’s bad for you