The night Ben and Candi got hitched

by joetwo

I find that a wedding

Unchains my heart

Lets loose the cupids

To go do their art

Though there was this one wedding

That was off by a mile

When Ben and young Candi

Walked down the aisle


They met at a bar

One thing led to another

He regretted it later

She’s one ugly mother!

Needless to say

Her dad was not pleased

For his pride and joy

To go and get sleazed


A plan was all set

Shotguns were loaded

Manly aggression

That nearly exploded

Upon poor young Ben

Just out of school

No job and no prospects

A damned young fool


They dragged the young lad

Out to Father Fulbright

To ask to get married

That very night

The priest was uneasy

But with cash in the hand

And the cock of a gun

Everything was just grand


They filled up the church

With flowers at great haste

Nicked from a funeral

So there was no waste

Some mourners were grabbed

As witnesses too

They were sad and drunken

But they would do


The priest went through the motions

The words Ben did mumble

Uncle Benny’s stock rifle

Made sure he didn’t fumble

And they walked out together

As man and wife

Ben stuck to Candi

For the rest of his life


 Two years to the day

Ben has aged decades

Life with Candi’s no fun

And his will to live fades

But Ben knows one thing

If he has a daughter

She’ll be latched to the man

Who’s closer than he ought-er