The Monkey from the Zoo

by joetwo

Come here while I tell

And I swear it is true

My mother once left my real brother behind

And took a monkey from the zoo

Sure they are hairy and not potty trained

They make such a terrible mess

But they are so cute and ever so smart

My mother had to confess


We grew up together this monkey and I

No closer siblings could be found

Though he would spend his hours in a tree

And I was stuck on the ground

If I cried in trouble he’d come in a bound

To make sure that I was all right

 And if I wasn’t then he’d drop his kacks

Then cover the bullies in shite


But monkeys as adults are trouble in spades

They hit scratch and bite

So we had for the safety of him and us all

Lock him in a cage for the night

But nights turned to days

Kept in the cage

The monkey didn’t like it

He started to rage


With him now in the teens

We knew what to do

Take my monkey half-brother

Back to the zoo

We snuck in there together

Late one dark night

Placed him with the monkeys

We knew it was right


Now at least every weekend

I visit the zoo

Go straight to the monkeys

To see how they do

I look at my half-brother

How well does he fare

Right beside my real brother

The one with no hair!