Late Night Watching

by joetwo

Late at night

Should be asleep

Shacked up in bed

With nary a peep

But though I am tired

And yearn for my bed

I sit on the couch

And watch TV instead


It’s a daft TV movie

With a washed-up star

With guns, girls, gadgets

And a flying car

And after that, joy oh joy

Those spiffing late-night shows

Featuring “Celebrities”

Who no one really knows


Perhaps a little high-brow fair

Peruse the cable news

Many different channels

To suit my many views

But honestly I must admit

For though I’m thirty-two

I stick on Cartoon Network

And laugh at Scooby Doo


But whatever I am watching

Time marches ahead

The witching hour has come and gone

I should be sound in bed

The up and coming working day

May turn out very sour

Unless I stop this late-night telly

Well perhaps just one more hour