An Ode to Red Dawn

by joetwo

As I get older my memory turns hazy
But I remember a film with the late Patrick Swayze
A gung ho film on which republicans fawn
The film documentary piece Red Dawn
It starts on a regular day in high school
The jocks in their blazers, trying to look cool
When down from the sky as if from space
Come thousands of russians to wreck the place
There’s shooting and missiles and carnage galore
And that’s just a taster for what’s there in store
When our boy Patrick and his bro Charlie Sheen
Get pissed with the commies and start to get mean
They’re a six man rebellion, an insurgency
A wee bit more fighting within world war three
The Ruskies get angry, there’s reprisals, man hunts
But the kids keep on hiding, them sneaky runts
But some get the bullet, an old pilot gets fried
On a rock are the names of those who have died
Yet caught in the light of patriot glamour
Swayze and Sheen keep on with the clamour
In the end fortune tires of their charms
The brothers die held in each other’s arms
This flick was made back in nineteen eighty four
When everyone thought world war three was in store
So Red Dawn has aged quite a bit so it seems
When it ends I’m still urged to shout “Wolverines!”