In the Tiger’s Cage

by joetwo

Walking though the Zoo

As I’m prone to do

I took a fancy that

I’d  see my favourite cat

No lions, leopards or ocelots mean too much to me

It’s the majestic tiger that I wish to see

Yet as I look into its wide paddock

I see a sight that gives me shock

On a path where the cat would go

Moved a squirrel, jumping to and fro

As I watched it seemed evident

This was a crazy rodent

I hoped the tiger had been fed

Or the fuzzy trespasser would be dead

Alas the tiger spied the squirrel

And advanced with a malevolent twirl

But squirrels move faster than tigers you see

And escaped so fast right up a tree

My heart was racing, my mind a whirl

Would the tiger eat this squirrel

But it did not sally forth

It eats enough, no need for sport

Perhaps some future day indeed

The cat will perhaps feel the need

To eat this rodent full of dare

I really hope I am not there