An Ode to Starship Troopers

by joetwo

My man, Micheal Ironside

Casper Van Dien

The hot Denise Richards

Aliens who are mean

Acting’s an option

When your out to kill Bugs

Just CGI mayhem

And gratuitous jugs


Verhoeven at his finest

With blood and guts galore

Though more bugs get blown up

If you want to keep score

With cruel basic training

Who can tell who’s more dangerous

When Zim’s throwing knives

The body count’ s tremendous


The big baddie is the brain-bug

It just fills you with awe

Until it kills you

Sucks your brain through a straw

And  let’s not forget

Neil Patrick Harris

In faux nazi dress

Not one to embarrass


Leave your brain at the entrance

Your bound to enjoy

With all you would need

As a twelve-year-old boy

Filled with propaganda

Would you like to know more?

The great Starship Troopers

A film I adore