500 (Something special)

by joetwo

Half a thousand poems

Five hundred posts there to read

Will take a long time


Well there you have it dear readers, 500 posts on joe2poetry, my primary Blog. Yippee! 🙂

On an occasion such as this I feel I should be doing something special. So here’s my idea. I want to publish, via the lovely Lulu.com, a collection of my poems and stories from both this blog and from my other blog Joe2stories.

The working title that I am going with for the moment is “The selected Joetwo”. Catchy huh?! The thing is though I am not going to be the one doing the selecting, you are!  What I am thinking is, you my dear readers will go through the back catalogue, find the poems and stories that you like best and e-mail me at joe2writing@gmail.com with your selection, including a few words probably maximum of  two lines as to why you like it. I will use these words as an introduction to each piece in the book. I am declaring no limits to how many poems or stories you can select, though if there are loads (here’s hoping) I may have to cull it a little. I am also setting a deadline for your selections of Saturday next week (1st December) giving you a week and a half (plenty of time!).

But do you think that I am asking you to do this for free? That you would do this arduous task simply out of the goodness of your hearts? Of course not. Each person who sends in a selection will receive a complimentary PDF ( or e-book version,  if I can figure out how that works ) of the final book when it’s ready and four of you, selected by lottery, will receive a FREE hard copy of the book AND a copy of my first collection of poetry “21 days”  (The perfect gift for a significant other by the way).

Available in all good bookshops (and some bad ones)

That’s awfully generous of me, isn’t it? So I ask you to be equally generous and send me lots of your selections to joe2writing@gmail.com so I can make this a book everyone can enjoy.

So get cracking, get reading, and get selecting. I know you can do it!


P.S. So that I don’t end up confusing it as spam, please use “The selected Joetwo” as the subject in your e-mail. Thanks!