An Ode To Flash Gordon

by joetwo

Quaint dated effects

Long flowing hair

Brian and his beard

They have it all there


Our Hero Flash Gordon

A.K.A Sam Jones

Blasts off to Mongo

To break all their bones


Max von Sydow

Is too good an actor for this

While Ms Muti is stunning

Killing all with a kiss


But my hero is Brian

Some man, some beard

Leader of the Hawkmen

Mongo’s most feared


“Flash Gordon’s alive!”

Prince Vultan does cry

Before sending his hoards

And all Ming’s men die


Even those on the Ajax

Brave and steadfast

But against Hawkmen

Not long did they last


This film is quite epic

Like some stoner’s dream

With one awesome soundtrack

By the awesome Queen


The plot is quite corny

The acting Jurassic

But Flash Gordon’s the best

An absolute classic!