Not Christmas

by joetwo

Down on Grafton Street
My heart fills with dread
The songs they are singing
Filling my head
Santas and tinsel
Their sight causes pain
“But it ain’t fucking Christmas”
I try to explain
“It’s November you morons”
I cry and I shout
At the shoppers and carolers
All shifting about
No one pays attention
I’m just an old kook
Avoiding eye contact
So I don’t spook
“There’s a whole month remaining”
I find it obscene
We’re no closer to New Years
Than to Halloween
Yet everyone’s festive
Dragging it out
As if it won’t cheapen
When we throw it about
A guard then came over
And asked me to leave
But my rant won’t be wasted
If you just believe
Christmas is special
For those few short days
We all come together
Forget our bad ways
By all means enjoy it
Just at the right time
To have it in November
Well, that’s just a crime