To Anne

by joetwo

A woman of no small renown

Who proudly wears the author’s crown

Who tames the wordy beasts so wild

The incomparable Anne Schilde


 She grips the reader in her power

With her able minion Flower

Writing all about her dreams

An infinite resource it seems


Annie shows that magic skill

That makes you keep reading until

Every single word is through

A sign of how she gets to you


So go through each one of her posts

The world of Kate which she hosts

The many tales of Annie’s World

And see a unique life unfurled


Now give this woman’s blog a glance

And you will no doubt get the chance

To see a talent with no end

Here’s to you Anne Schilde, my friend


Dedicated to Anne Schilde who keeps on saying nice things about me. So I thought I’d do the same. In a very public manner.