Another Thank You

by joetwo

It’s once again that time of year

To make it absolutely clear

That you can find if you just look

Blogs that have that special hook

With good writing or special flair

No prizes for just being there

So with that thought I’ve made a list

Of blogs you won’t want to have missed

To each I will include a link

So you can tell them what you think

If asked please tell them Joe sent you

For I quite like brownie points too


Well first of all, is up in lights

East coast sensation Scriptorwrites

No list of talent can be filed

Without including Anne Schilde

To say so much yet be so brief

It helps Writing the roads of grief

A smart one and a total playa!

A scientist’s salute to you Thea

Two from Worcester by golly

Mrs Robinson and Holly

The misfit shows this and that

Mark Redford writes about the Bat

Gemini’s a thing for kink

The naughty poet makes you think

Last but totally not least

Ermilia is a writer’s feast


These blogs I totally commend

To read them all I recommend

But when you’re done come back to me

Keep up with Joe2poetry!