The Afters

by joetwo

The ceremony has been done
The register is signed
How it’s time to go get drunk
And do what comes to mind
The music blares across the floor
The lights have all gone dim
The guests all start to shuffle round
Dressed up, looking grim
Time goes past yet no one dares
To move there with the beat
But you can tell they’re digging it
By the twitching of their feet
But then some nut, some lunatic
Throws himself a shape
All else there are staring
Eyes wide and mouth agape
Then one by one others emerge
To beat him at his game
Even those who smirked the most
Are dancing just the same
Young and old, small and big
Are equal to the tune
All swaying, shouting, holding hands
And bopping like a loon
Three hours in we reach the peak
The nadir is in sight
That single tune that gets us off
The moment of the night
There’s hugs and kisses all embrace
The crowd all moves as one
Though it splits up at ths chorus
Cos that’s part of the fun
And as the night draws to a close
The crowd all leaves the floor
Except the mad-man from the start
Who wants to go some more
And that is it, the wedding night
With fun and joy for all
For it is not just every day
We have this kind of ball