Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: January, 2013


They asked me to mentor

To teach, to pass on my knowledge, my experience

To the next generation

The new people

Does it matter that I still consider myself amongst them

That I still think that I am young

That my mind rebels at the thought of ageing

That I shiver at the thought I am closer to thirty than twenty

But here I am at this juncture

Being asked to mentor

To act the adult

To be the responsible one

When all I want to be is still young


Out Numbered

You think you rule this patch of earth

You have for far too long

But let me tell you too your face

Put simply you are wrong

You have to get it through your head

That you can never win

And you shall soon have to pay

For your lifetime of sin

See you forget the simple truth

That you don’t understand

There are so much more of us

We’ll get the upper hand

We have more men, more power, more cash

You’re beat in each direction

And you will rot your life in jail

Sorry in long reflection

So enjoy your time at the ‘top’

For soon enough it ends

When we in fury all rise up

And you must make amends


Dedicated to Detective Garda Adrian O’Donohoe. Never again.

Haikus 30/01/13

Will you work with me
Together write poetry
Are you interested?
The weather’s awful
Rain and wind blankets country
Leather coat protects
Bought ten books for me
Giving and selling to friends
Running low on stock


Looking through the classifieds
I spied a set of reindeer hides
One of them sports a red dyed nose
A ruined Christmas I suppose
Upon page two I did see
Talking dollys, set of three
They looked ok to me, But
The words they spoke were total smut
I spotted there a wanted ad
A foreign au pair for a dad
‘Good looks, near twenty need apply’
I wonder how well THAT will fly
Men to work whatever’s tasked
All money down, no questions asked
You’ll need to watch them till they’re done
But sure! That’s all part of the fun
Last, not least, comes lonely hearts
Where forlorn souls try love restarts
‘cept “Seeking nubiles full of trust
Zero standards is a must”

Without You

There are times I have a thought

A thought so horrible it gives me pause

A pause I need to give me composure

Composure to prevent me from crying

Crying that is the only thing that I can do

Do against that horrible possibility

A possibility that I never want for my future

A future where I wouldn’t be able to live

To live a life with no purpose

No purpose, no meaning, no happiness

No happiness, without you

The Men who Run the World

In their dark and smoky room

Away from all the world

The men who run the world gathered

Watched as their plans unfurled


Fairfax of the bankers guild

Smoked a fine cigar

Ash fed the mouth of a vase

Ming China, from afar


Lewis from the miners

Dropped a brandy glass

So the maid could clean it up

And he could see her ass


Johnston who owns the factories

Ate a sumptuous feast

With no intent on sharing

Not even in the least


From their screens and bulletins

They watched news come about

As their coffers grew some more

And all the poor lost out


“Recession’s victory for us!”

Said Fairfax to the rest

“The money comes to stall with us

and we like that the best”


So as they muse upon their plans

To steal all in their range

The world is crap for you and me

And things will never change


Written for Trifecta week sixty-two.

Haiku by two: A Collaboration with Anne Schilde

Hi all the following haikus on the theme of haikus were written by both myself and one of the best writers I know Anne Schilde. Seriously; if you want to read some good stuff give her blog a read.


Seven words plus ten
Careful with the syllables
Can’t have too many

Know that all too well
When you only have sixteen
Why I got an f

Never change your mind
Inspiration should come first

Old Japanese style
From land of the rising sun
Very exotic

As one

Two souls

Come together

Moving with the same rhythm

Dancing with each other

A divine collaboration

Rhythmic symbiosis

Two people sharing a bond

Joined by the call of the beat

Two people

Two separate lives

Sharing a moment

As one

Limericks 28/01/13

I am quite fond of a date
Their sweetness I find rather great
But sometimes teeth hit
The hard inner pit
And that’s the one part that I hate
With the wind blowing greater than fair
Your hat may be blown in the air
The air may then make
The hat land in a lake
Now how can you get it from there?
A young girl is on her first day
We don’t know how she’ll make her way
One guy acts the clown
She shoots him right down
We figure that she’ll be ok


I’m under surveillance

A suspicious eye

They’re keeping watch on me

And I think I know why


I’ve been gathering items

That can cause harm

I’ve been acting shifty

And it’s causing alarm


My work is mysterious

No one knows what I do

Those who are watching

Just haven’t a clue


So all these officials

Will go about their way

Still thinking I’m shifty

Each and every day