Mad Scientist

by joetwo

Late one evening, a cold Laboratory

I’m sick of experiment not matching theory

“Run after run just doesn’t check out!”

To no one about I rage and I shout

To suggestions I calm down I snort and a scoff

“I’m a mad scientist! I’m very pissed off!”

I’m sick that experiments won’t reproduce

I’m miffed that things crash out when I try to reduce

It annoys that the ice-bath doesn’t cool quick

I’m enraged that the needle gives my finger a prick

I curse when sample spills over the place

I shout out when acid gets me in the face

I anger when students just don’t have a clue

And continuously ask me then what to do

I can often be found in the lab in a roil

As something or other brings my blood to the boil

But I know in the end things are not so bad

I’m not chained to a desk, of that I am glad