Three Little Pigs

by joetwo

Three little pigs lived in a row

The water they’d drink and crops they’d sow

Though their lives were idyllic they had one great fear

That the horrible wolf would come over quite near


Present day wolves do not huff or puff

In modern times strength just isn’t enough

Instead these terrors use the law

To get fresh pork meat down their maw


Our first wee pig made his house of straw

The wolf took one look and figured its flaw

“This is too easy!” he laughed with a snort

Then jumped in a taxi to go to court


He came back with a writ, said the structure’s unsound

“Why this couldn’t support the weight of a hound”

The wee pig was evicted out into the street

And the wolf had something lovely to eat


Our second pig thought it was good

To build a home with sticks, of wood

The wolf did grin, and wink, and nudge

Then made a phonecall to the judge


“Of all bad planning this is damnable!”

The new writ claimed this house was flammable

The pig was cast out like a sinner

And wolfy had another dinner


Pig three was not like those thicks

He had made his house of bricks

With all the features up to code

Rated to the highest load


The wolf, aghast, was simply stumped

What trick he tried was quickly dumped

He figured it not worth the trouble

So headed elsewhere on the double


The lesson learned from piggy three

With wolves preparation’s key

The best way out from their jaws

Is keeping up with planning laws