First Loves Meeting

by joetwo

A day like any other

I was walking along the strand

When I saw a sight that knocked me flat

And caught me out of hand

There was the one, that special girl

Who once controlled my heart

She had not aged a single day

It gave me such a start


We talked and talked ’bout long ago

About how things once had been

It’s funny how times gone long past

Look so sparkly clean

Memories from time long gone

Traveled through my mind

Loves first kiss and fluttering hearts

The best of all its kind


We both remarked how things have changed

How we had both moved on

But as I looked into her eyes

I hoped that we were wrong

But she moved on, just had to go

My heart was again broken

Reminded of our final night

And all the harsh words spoken


But still first loves occupy

The special place inside

Whether it ended well or bad

And you travel far and wide

And as again she walked away

I’m reminded of the time

When all I really cared about

Was that she was mine