An ode to Curry Chips

by joetwo

3 Am

After a long night

Hard drinking and living

Staggering home

The night air playing havoc with the senses

Drunk as a skunk

And hungry

There is a light ahead

A neon constellation beckons

Calling all weary revellers

With the simple words

Open late

Though the brain may be sodden

The will is certain

The desire is strong

Only one delicacy will sate the appetite

Humble Curry Chips

So simple, so unremarkable

Yet so magical

Eaten with plastic fork, or sodden fingers

While walking or waiting for a taxi

It hits the spot, fills a hole

A noble soldier of a food

Exquisitely designed for our needs

Serving us well

As it has for many who came before us

Year after year

Generation after generation

The faithful companion in the drunken march home