The Fight

by joetwo

Early one morning, we shuffle to our beds

Alcohol sloshing around our heads

But as we pair off for the night

Comes the standard night-time fight

Starting with slagging off one’s mother

And why you should just go and smother

In a vat of  week old piss

And other insults such as this

Angry words turn to blows

One lad gets it on the nose

Blood and snot flies everywhere

But he fights like he doesn’t care

First man’s swinging with his fist

They stumbled if and when they missed

The second kicks straight in the nuts

He falls over with bruise and cuts

The victor then all seeing red

Aims to kick him in the head

Foot is raised ready to release

But is stopped by the police

Arriving in the nick of time

To prevent an awful crime

Both men are grabbed by the scruffs

Then their hands placed in cuffs

With the entertainment spent

The watchers think it best they sent

Their sodden carcasses to bed

Instead of watching fights instead

Because if you’re after violence and sorrow

There’ll be another fight tomorrow