Momma’s Marvellous Mystery Meat

by joetwo

Each bite an adventure, who knows what your eating

Sure it all tastes the same after a thorough heating

Beef or horse, maybe some pig

The people who made it just don’t give a fig

To gulp it down sober would be a feat

Momma’s Marvellous Mystery Meat


To cut down expenses, they use all they can

Farm animals, pets, and if law allowed, man

They sneak into graveyards and corpses exhume

So you will get cheap patties to consume

Yes it really is a very cheap treat

Momma’s Marvellous Mystery Meat


In the end folks we have to confess

Our supply chain is a bit of a mess

But to be fair we’re sure no one’s died

Provided the meal was intensely fried

If you want to keep healthy you better not eat

Momma’s Marvellous Mystery Meat


In case you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.